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Did Someone Say Custom Wedding Guestbooks? | Basic Invite Part 2

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Basic Invite - Custom Guestbooks & Invitations

Yesterday I shared that I am partnering with Basic Invite this month to help prepare couples for their weddings this year with their custom invitation suites. But Basic Invite doesn’t stop at just invitation suites. They recently launched their custom wedding guestbook and I am here for it!

During the planning process, I find that my couples struggle to decide what type of guestbook they are going to have at their wedding. They want their guestbooks to be meaningful yet something they can display in their home for the years to come. Too often when I bring up the topic during our consultations, all my clients can seem to remember are the white pillow topped guestbooks they signed as children when attending traditional church wedding ceremonies in the 90’s and early 20’s. Fortunately Basic Invite has this wonderful option I can share with them.


The Cover –

Wedding details matter because they help tell the story of YOU. Is your story one of matching design elements amongst all of the pieces with font styling, art, and color palette? Or is your story filled with images of your beautiful love story? Fortunately, Basic Invite has never-ending design options just like their invitation suites so you are sure to find a custom wedding guestbook that tells the story of you.

For the couples that love matching design elements, I love that you can create a guestbook cover that matches your invitation selection. The design process is the same as when you are creating your wedding invitations, so font styles and color palette changes allow you to create a truly custom wedding piece. Just imagine how chic your wedding detail images are going to look!