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Customize Your Wedding Invitations Because 2020 Isn’t The Year For Generic | Basic Invite Part 1

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Friends, wedding season is upon us and I am so excited for all of the fun that is coming down the road! One of the most fun things during the planning process is finding daily packages with all of the goodies you have been ordering for your upcoming day. I have created a two-part series to share about a company I really enjoy working with that you should consider using when you order your wedding invitations and your custom wedding guestbook.

I love mail! In fact, going out to the mailbox to either send or receive mail is one of my favorite things in life. There is just something special about this type of communication as it requires so much more thought than social media or technological forms of communication. So with wedding season around the corner and the time to order invitations for your summer weddings is drawing near, I have partnered with Basic Invite to share how they can help you out this year!


Basic Invite, Custom Wedding Invitation, Events With Becca
Find Your Perfect Invitation With Basic Invite

I don’t know about you, but I really wish I was a graphic designer sometimes. I always seem to find that the printed goods I order need to be adjusted in one way or another! It is so frustrating when I can’t move text boxes around, change font sizing or style, and of course adjust the color palette to my exact color choices instead of pre-selected options. In the midst of struggling with customizing invitations on non-customizable stationary sites, I came across Basic Invite and quickly discovered that with their offerings of over 900 wedding invitation suites and 180 color options, I wasn’t going to struggle with customization again!

Basic Invite, Color Guide, Custom Invitations, Events With Becca
Basic Invite - Color Options


- Change Font Sizing

- Move Text Boxes Around

- Change Font Styles

- Change Font Colors

- And The Best Part… Change The Invitation Colors To Whatever I Want!


One of the most exciting invitation designs that they recently released is their clear invitation suites! I think I squealed the moment I saw them because I could not wait to style them. I mean, look at how stunning these pieces are! How can your guests not be excited for your upcoming special day when they receive an invitation suite like this in their mailboxes?!


On top of all of that, my final favorite feature is that they will address every single one of your invitations at no additional fee! PLUS, they will provide you with a link to send via social media or email to your guests for easy address collection. I wish this feature existed back when I was getting married. I literally had several addressing work parties with my closest family members and friends. Our wrists were toast! Thankfully with, all you have to do is literally assemble your invitation suite upon arrival in your mailbox, place a stamp in the upper righthand corner of the envelope, and drop them off at the Post Office. WHAT A GAME CHANGER!

I am always just so impressed with the design experience and the overall finished product every time I have worked with this company. Better yet, my clients have been too. Do yourself a favor and check them out. You won’t be sorry :)

Sparkle & Shine Friends,

Becca Buck

Wedding & Event Planning Specialist

Be sure to follow @basicinvite to stay up to date on all of their amazing products.

*This blog post was done in partnership with All opinions presented are my own and based on my personal experience with their products. All photos shown were captured by the Events With Becca, Inc. Team.



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